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Where to begin

How to get a local phone number fo your business?

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Start with visiting website Nubmyx.com/product Select the country for which you need a local phone number for your business from the list of available countries. Then choose a sample phone number, its connection method, and your preferred pricing. (publlished numbers are just samples, you will recieve your original number in couple minutes).

How you can use local phone number for your business?

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Local phone number can be used with two connection methods. You can redirect calls to any mobile device for you or your employee, where customer calls can be received. Or integrate with your existing PBX/helpdesk system, enabling both outgoing and incoming calls. This includes recording, tracking, and processing calls for various statistics as permitted by your system.

How long you want to use local phone nunber?

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You can use three commitment options. If you need local phone number just for one time job or for one abroad task it is no commitment use the best option for you. Your business it is only starting on new market and you are not sure what will happend in the first year, than 12 months commitment is your best choice. 24 months commitment will best for well established abroad business that is looking for stable long term solution for local phone number.

Local phone number order

What do I need to do to get the local phone number?

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Fill in the form with all necessary details for activation and usage of phone numbers for the countries you need. The information should match your company's details in the commercial registry of your country. Essential information, such as your registered bank account, must be accurate and match the form. It is important to submit proper data as your company may undergo additional verification before number activation.

What type of documetns can be required?

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Required documents may include the latest monthly statement from the bank account provided, a bank confirmation of the account, notarized excerpt from the commercial register, company's founding documents, and a list of authorized users.

How I will be able to know that my order for local phone number is successfull?

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After submitting the form, you'll receive a summary and order confirmation via email. Our sales department will promptly contact you to finalize activation steps.

Local phone number activation

How can I finish my order and activate my local phone number?

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Within 24 hours, our sales team will get in touch to complete registration and purchase of your phone number. Our technical support will send you request about what informations we need from by you choosen tool to ensure your purchased phone number can be redirected.

Since when I can use my local phone number?

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An invoice for the setup fee will be emailed to you. Initial payment and subsequent monthly payments for the local phone number service must be made from the bank account specified in the order form under your company's name. This is crucial for continued number activation.

If payments for the local phone number are made from a different bank account than registered?

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If payments originate from a different account, the number will be deactivated without the possibility of reactivation.

How to use a local phone number

What I can do with my number after activation?

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You can then publish the phone number on your website, redirect it to your sales representative's mobile, or include it on your promotional materials. It can be connected through call forwarding for only recieved calls. Or directly to the selected tool used by the customer to be able sort incoming and outgoing calls.

How do I pay for using the phone number and calls?

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Every month, you'll be invoiced for the previous month's service fee and the total of received and made calls based on the relevant country's tariff. The invoice will include a detailed call report. All monthly invoices must be paid from the bank account provided during registration.

How to stop using the phone number?

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Number deactivation is possible within the specified notice period based on your chosen commitment. To terminate the service, simply send an email request. After termination, your phone number will be permanently deleted with no option for recovery.