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VoIP local number available for EU-registered companies

Numbyx is providing local phone numbers of European countries for companies registered in EU
No local address is required
No local VAT is necessary
Only domestic information about your company is needed
You can find Numbyx local numbers as infoline contact when you call these companies

Improve Your local business presence and communication

Be accessible to your customers, clients, or partners from abroad on their local numbers

Without demanding administration

No local address or VAT needed

Numbyx offers a simple solution for local phone numbers, where a company doesn't need to operate or document any local connections to a specific country. Other solutions may require a company registration number or a business address in the country for which a phone number is needed. With Numbyx, all you need is an extract from your domestic business register, and within one day, you can have a local phone number from your chosen EU country. The only condition is that your company is established and registered in a European Union member country.


Who uses Numbyx numbers?

Ideal for international and cross-boarder helplines

Numbyx has the most clients among internet stores and other e-commerce businesses that are expanding across Europe. Online sales and cross-border e-commerce are dynamically growing industries that require a simple and flexible solution, as offered by Numbyx. For small, medium, and large companies and e-shops, localization is key when expanding abroad. One of its main components is a local phone number and a local helpline. Until now, it hasn't been easy, and obtaining a phone number for a foreign market has been associated with demanding administration


Easy to setup

Only your company details

Choose the country for which your company needs a phone number. If you use a tool like a virtual switchboard or a helpdesk tool for your customer support, choose the connection method. If you just want to forward the phone number to your mobile or office line, select mobile forwarding. Then, in the shopping cart, you will find a summary of the phone numbers and countries you have chosen, along with the initial fee and monthly fees. All that's left is to fill out the attached form, providing information about your company according to the current extract from the business register and a bank account registered for the specified company. Our business department will contact you to set up and activate the number, and within one day, you can start using the phone number.


Integrate Numbyx with your favorite tools

Thanks to SIP trunk service, you can connect your freshly new Numbyx local number directly to your favorite tool and make it live for public telephone network.




What is the price of a virtual phone number?

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The cost of a virtual phone number is determined by various factors such as the location of the number, and the pricing option you select. Numbyx.com provides pay-as-you-go options for customers with minimal monthly usage requirements, as well as plans with a set number of included minutes for those who expect to use their number more frequently. The pricing structure also varies depending on whether you choose to be billed monthly or annually.

Do I need to commit to a contract duration?

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No, you can choose to be billed monthly or annually for all plans, and there is no requirement for a long-term contract. You can cancel your plan at any time.

How much time does it take to set up a virtual number?

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Setting up a virtual number is generally quick and straightforward, taking only a few minutes. You can begin by choosing the number location and type you want to purchase. Our dedicated customer support team will then handle the setup process, which typically takes just a few minutes. However, in some cases, additional documentation or verification steps may be required due to country-specific regulations. Our customer support representatives will work with you to complete these steps. If the number you want is not currently available, our team will assist you in finding an alternative that best meets your requirements.

How can I cancel my virtual phone number?

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There is no need to sign any long-term agreements, and you can cancel your service at any time. To cancel, please get in touch with our billing department. You can find your local contact number on your contract, or you can reach us via email info@numbyx.com. Our service representative will contact you to handle your cancellation request.

Can I integrate phone number by Numbyx with external tools?

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Numbyx can be easily integrated with many different tools, such as Daktela, Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, and more. In addition, thanks to the Zapier tool, you can connect Numbyx to thousands of other external online tools.

Many european merchants already trust us

David Dare
Numbers for all our e-shops in one place in just one day.
Thanks to Numbyx, we solved the issue of local phone numbers for our e-shop operating in Europe in one place. We didn't have to search for Hungarian, Romanian, Austrian, and Czech phone numbers separately for each country. Numbyx's technical support helped us route the numbers to the tool we use, and the entire activation process, including the purchase, was completed within one day.
Pavol Šárközi, Logistics and Warehouse manager in Northfinder
The biggest advantage is simplicity.
It only took a few emails and the numbers were sorted out. The activation of the numbers was fast, and they were operational within one working day. What we appreciate most about Numbyx's solution is that we don't have any concerns about setting up numbers, maintenance, or administrative tasks. We just pay the invoice. We've been using Expandeco's numbers for almost a year and we'll be adding more. The greatest advantage is the simplicity of this service. Numbyx handles everything, and you simply connect the new number to your switchboard.
Lukáš Moštěk, Expansion & project manager in Kulina
Thanks to Numbyx, we solved the numbers quickly and without waiting.
Acquiring individual local numbers would have taken us a lot of time without Numbyx's assistance. We were pleasantly surprised that they were practically activated immediately. Using local numbers increased our credibility abroad and contributed to higher customer satisfaction. We also appreciate the truly fair price.
Miroslav Kráľ, CEO in Besteron