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Numbyx General Terms and Conditions: Clear Guidelines for Services and Payments

1. Charges

As you proceed, you acknowledge and agree to the charges outlined in the relevant Order Form(s). If you use any Services not mentioned in the applicable Order Form(s), charges will be incurred based on the prevailing rates listed at https://www.numbyx.com/pricing.

2. Taxes

The fees stated do not cover relevant taxes, duties, or similar charges imposed by legal, governmental, or regulatory entities in any applicable jurisdiction. These could include taxes such as sales, use, value-added, consumption, communication, or withholding taxes ("Taxes"). Settling all Taxes linked to this Agreement is your responsibility, except for taxes tied to Numbyx's net earnings, property, or workforce. If legal obligations require tax deductions from payments to Numbyx, you must reduce or eliminate withheld Taxes upon receipt of the necessary tax certificate or document from Numbyx. Providing evidence of paid withheld Taxes to the relevant authority is also mandatory. Taxes will be presented as a separate item on invoices.

3.2.2 Charges for Communication Services

The specified fees exclude additional expenses related to communication services or supplementary charges from telecommunication providers (e.g., carriers), collectively known as "Communication Surcharges." You are responsible for remitting all Communication Surcharges related to your use of the Services. Communication Surcharges will be listed separately on invoices. Moreover, you are accountable for expenses, penalties, or fines incurred by Numbyx due to actions by governmental, regulatory, or telecommunications providers arising from your or your End Users' use of the Services.

Payment Conditions. Unless expressly stated otherwise in this document, your responsibilities regarding payments are irrevocable, and the fees, including Taxes and Communication Surcharges (collectively referred to as "Fees"), once remitted, are not subject to reimbursement. Unless otherwise specified in the pertinent Order Form(s), you are obligated to settle the Fees due under this agreement according to the subsequent applicable payment procedure.

Invoicing Procedures. Numbyx undertakes the invoicing process as follows:

(a) Monthly Invoices: Invoices will be generated on a monthly basis and delivered to the email address(es) you have specified in your order form.

(b) Payment Due Date: The Fees are required to be settled within fourteen (14) days of the invoice's date. Unless an alternative arrangement is defined in the relevant Order Form(s) or an invoice, the currency for payment shall be in Euros.

In case of any lapse in paying the Fees, and if no resolution is achieved within fifteen (15) days after Numbyx furnishes written notification, the following actions may be taken:

  • (i) Late Fee: A late fee will be assessed, which will be either 1.5% per month or the maximum amount permitted by law, depending on whichever is lower. This fee will be applicable to the outstanding balance.
  • (ii) Service Suspension: Provision of the Services to all your accounts may be temporarily suspended until the outstanding Fees are fully settled.

It is important to note that the creation of new accounts is prohibited until the outstanding Fees have been paid in full.Začiatok formulára

Spodná časť formulára


1. Monthly Payment Schedule: In our commitment to simplicity and convenience, we've established a consistent monthly payment schedule. Your monthly payment for our services will be due for the previous month and should be remitted during the first week of the subsequent month. This approach ensures that your usage is accurately accounted for, allowing you to effectively manage your expenditures.

2. Calculating Monthly Costs: We understand the importance of transparent billing, and our calculation process reflects this commitment. Your monthly payment is determined based on the tariff plan associated with the country you have selected. The following factors contribute to the computation of your monthly costs:

  • Monthly Fee: Your chosen tariff plan comes with a fixed monthly fee that covers the core features of our services.
  • Call Minutes: We take into account the number of minutes you've both made and received during the previous month. These minutes are subject to the rates specified in your tariff plan for the specific country you are connecting to.

Our automated system will tally these elements, ensuring accuracy in the final cost calculation.

3. Example Calculation: Let's walk through an example to illustrate the payment calculation process. Imagine you have selected a tariff plan for Country A, with a monthly fee of $20 and a per-minute rate of $0.10 for calls. In the previous month, you made 100 minutes of outgoing calls and received 50 minutes of incoming calls.


  • Monthly Fee: $20
  • Outgoing Call Cost: 100 minutes * $0.10/minute = $10
  • Incoming Call Cost: 50 minutes * $0.10/minute = $5

Total Monthly Cost: $20 + $10 + $5 = $35

4. Ensuring Accurate Payment: To ensure that your payment accurately reflects your usage, we recommend reviewing your monthly usage details, which are sended with monthly invoice. This will help you anticipate your monthly costs and make timely payments.

Disputes Regarding Payment. If you have any disagreement concerning the payment of Fees, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

Notification: You are required to formally notify Numbyx in writing about any disputed Fees within sixty (60) days from the date of the Fee invoice you wish to dispute.

Holding Disputed Fees: During the dispute resolution process, you have the option to withhold the disputed Fees until the matter is effectively resolved.

Reasonable and Good Faith Conduct: It is essential that, in cases of disputes, you act reasonably and in good faith. Moreover, you are expected to work closely with Numbyx to facilitate the resolution process in a diligent manner.

Non-Impact on Service: If you are in the midst of a dispute over certain Fees, Numbyx will refrain from charging you late fees or suspending the provision of Services related to the unpaid Fees under dispute. However, this holds true only if you maintain a diligent and cooperative stance in your interactions with Numbyx. If, in Numbyx's assessment, the dispute is not reasonable or brought forth in good faith by you, the exemption from late fees or suspension might not apply.

We prioritize fair and transparent interactions, and this approach extends to any potential disputes that may arise regarding payment matters. Your willingness to collaborate and communicate effectively with Numbyx during disputes is integral to fostering a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Navigating Contract Termination

Understanding the termination process is vital for transparent and smooth contract agreements. Here, we outline various termination options and notice periods to guide you through this critical aspect of your business relationships.

  1. 1. 1-Month Termination Notice: To terminate your contract, provide a one-month notice. The notice period starts from the first day of the following month after the receipt of the termination notice. This allows for a swift transition while respectfully concluding the contract.
  2. 2. 2-Month Termination Notice: Opt for a two-month termination notice for more adjustment time. The notice period begins on the first day of the next month after receiving the notice. This extended timeframe facilitates comprehensive planning and coordination.
  3. 3. 4-Month Termination Notice: For an even longer transition period, choose the four-month termination notice. Upon sending the notice, the termination period starts from the first day of the upcoming month. This extended period accommodates complex transitions and preparation.

Regardless of the chosen termination period, remember that the period begins on the first day of the subsequent month after receiving the termination notice. Effective communication is key during the termination process. By following the terms outlined in the General Terms and Conditions, you can navigate contract conclusion while maintaining effective communication.

Thank you for choosing Numbyx. We value your trust and look forward to providing excellent services. For any questions or clarifications about our monthly payment process, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team.